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Captain Monty Takes The Plunge

Monty the Malodorous is a daring pirate. He is brave. He is bold. He is feared by all who sail the six or seven seas. But Monty has a secret: he can't swim. He never goes into the ocean --- and he never takes a bath. “Real pirates don't bathe. Yar-har-har!” he says. But things change when he meets a mermaid named Meg. “Monty's heart went ka-thunk. He tumbled head over boot heels in love.” And, one day, when Meg's life is put into peril, Monty realizes he's the only one who can jump into the ocean to save her. Monty is faced with a terrible dilemma: is his love strong enough to overcome his fear?

Leaving the Trail June 30, 2022.

Captain Monty Takes the Plunge. Text © 2017 Jennifer Mook-Sang Illustrations © 2017 Liz Starin. Reproduced by permission of Kids Can Press, Toronto.

Can love overcome fear? This odd-couple tale has a sweetness that makes it more than [a] standard face-your-fears message.


Lesson Plan

The Lesson Plan for Captain Monty Takes The Plunge is available with purchase and sent to an email address provided by the school board. To view a sample Lesson Plan, click on the file below. It is based on “Trampoline Boy”.

Sample Lesson Plan
Captain Monty Takes The Plunge lesson plan cover

Book Creators

Jennifer Mook-Sang

Jennifer Mook-Sang portrait

Jennifer Mook-Sang was born in Guyana near the shores of the Berbice River, where pirates may have sailed long ago. Treasure for her was a stack of storybooks and an even taller pile of comic books. She moved to Canada when she was fourteen, earned two degrees in psychology and enjoyed working with children for many years. Jennifer rediscovered the wondrous world of children's books as an adult. Reading picture books to her two sons, Matt and Ben, inspired her to begin her journey to becoming a writer.

Liz Starin

Liz Starin portrait

Liz Starin is an illustrator, writer, programmer and former swim instructor. She still loves to swim any chance she gets. She lives with her partner in Brooklyn, New York, just a short bike ride from the Atlantic Ocean.