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Small Things

In this short, wordless graphic picture book, a young boy feels alone with his anxiety. He isn’t fitting in well at school. His grades are slipping. He’s even lashing out at those who love him. Talented Australian artist Mel Tregonning created Small Things in the final year of her life. In her emotionally rich illustrations, the boy’s worries manifest as tiny beings that crowd around him constantly, overwhelming him and even gnawing away at his very self. The striking imagery is all the more powerful when, overcoming his isolation at last, the boy discovers that the tiny demons of worry surround everyone, even those who seem to have it all together. This short but hard-hitting wordless graphic picture book gets to the heart of childhood anxiety and opens the way for dialogue about acceptance, vulnerability, and the universal experience of worry.

Ideal for:

Mental Health Awareness Week October, World Mental Health Day October 10, Bell Let's Talk Day January 26, National Child and Youth Mental Health Week May.

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Small Things. Text © 2020 Mel Tregonning Illustrations © 2020 Mel Tregonning. Reproduced by permission of Pajama Press, Toronto.

Every once in a while, we are privileged with the gift of holding in our hands truly unique and emotionally riveting books which have the capacity to leave permanent footprints etched in the heart. Mel Tregonning’s Small Things is, undeniably, one of those books….[A] wordless masterpiece that…effortlessly taps into the rawness of the human experience….This beautifully depicted textless narrative which effectively honours not only the life of Tregonning, herself, but also the lives of all those who have been impacted by struggles with mental health, is a must-have, one-of-a-kind addition to every school library and home collection.

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"Sadly, Mel passed away in May, 2014. She is missed deeply by her, family, friends and fans. Mel was a one of a kind influential artist of our modern day and a genuinely ethical and kind person." From