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Ten Little Dumplings

If one son is lucky, then ten must be great luck indeed! But where does that leave an only daughter? Based on a true family story, this inspiring picture book about a different perspective tells the tale of a girl determined to be seen, who finds her own voice and makes her own luck.

In the city of Fengfu, there lives a very special family–special because they have ten sons who do everything together. Their parents call them their ten little dumplings, as both sons and dumplings are auspicious. But if you look closely, you'll see that someone else is there, listening, studying, learning and discovering her own talent -- a sister. As this little girl grows up in the shadow of her brothers, her determination and persistence help her to create her own path in the world . . . and becomes the wisdom she passes on to her own daughter, her own little dumpling. Based on a short film made by the author, inspired by her father's family in Taiwan, Ten Little Dumplings looks at some unhappy truths about the place of girls in our world in an accessible, inspiring and hopeful way.

Ideal for:
International Day for Education January 24, Asian Heritage Month May, Canadian Multiculturalism Day June 27.

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Ten Little Dumplings. Text © 2021 Larissa Fan Illustrations © 2021 Cindy Wume. Reproduced by permission of Tundra Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House Canada Young Readers, a Penguin Random House Company, Toronto.

The book’s plot is straightforward, yet effective, in conveying the importance of perspective in revealing the whole “truth”. Fan draws attention to how certain narratives or viewpoints may become predominant at the expense of others, but that these other perspectives are equally important and valuable in their own right.

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Larissa Fan

Larissa Fan portrait

Larissa Fan is an artist and writer whose short films have been screened at festivals worldwide. She studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design University and has an MFA in Film Production from York University. Larissa grew up with three brothers and competes with them as to who can make the best dumplings. She lives in Toronto.

Cindy Wume

Cindy Wume portrait

Cindy Wume is an illustrator and picture book maker. She completed an MA Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art at 2016. Her debut picture book The Best Sound in the World was published in 2018, and her work has been exhibited at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, the Taoyuan Illustration Exhibition and the London Transport Museum's Sound of City art exhibition. This story is special to her because she also believes women can be great dumplings. Cindy lives in Taipei, Taiwan.